The days were generally sunny throughout week. The maximum temperature of 35.90c was recorded on Monday 30th April, 2018 while the minimum temperature of 30.00C was recorded on Friday 4th May, 2018. The mean temperature for the week was 33.60C. The range (diurnal) temperature was 3.30C. The high temperature recorded was an indication that the hot dry season is still prevailing.

Wind Direction and Wind Speed

The dominant wind for the week was South west (SE) winds which implies that we are heading towards the rainy seasons while the NE is receiding. The wind was relatively calm throughout the week. The highest wind speed of 5.6km/h was recorded on Wednesday 2nd May, 2018while the lowest wind speed of 2.8 km/h was recorded on Saturday, 5th May, 2018

Relative Humidity

The relative humidity, which is the perentage of water vapor in the atmosphare compared with the maximum amount of water vapor that the atmosphare could contain at a given temperature, recorded an average of 50%. The highest relative humidity of about 63% was recorded on Friday 4th May, 2018, while lowest of about 38% was recorded on Saturday 5th May, 2018.


The evaporation rate for the week was about 78.4mm. The lowest evaporation rate of 10.5mm was recorded on Tuesday 1st May, 2018, while the highest evaporation rate of 11.9mm was recorded on Friday 4th May, 2018.

Atmospheric Pressure

The week had an average atmospheric pressure of 1006.8hpa. Hight atmospheric pressure of 1009.1hpa was recorded on Sunday 6th May, 2018, while a minimum atmospheric pressure of 1006.1hpa was recorded on Thusday 3rd May, 2018.


The high temperature and evaporation rate recorded will lead to dehydration and heat stress. Heat stresscan result in heat-ralated illnesses, such as heart stroke, hyperthermia, heat exhaustion, heat cramps or heat rashes, fatigue, giddiness, headache, confusion, convulsion and evantual loss of consciousness. it would also results in a decrease in staff (workers) productivity.
Members of the University Community are advises to be well hydrated, that is drinking a lot of chilled hydrating fluids such as water in order to prevent dehydration. Wearing of light-colored cloths(white) that can reflect back the solar energy, and also
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